To care for the people of Hawaii who are struggling the most among us.


A Private/Public partnership supported by all healthcare & social services professionals, regional health systems, and philanthropists in Hawaii to create a new model to address chronic homelessness.

Goals & Objectives

Improve Access to Healthcare

While many states face the challenges of removing barriers to improve the health and well-being of the homeless and under-served populations, Hawai‘i’s unique isolated location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean presents additional challenges. H-4 will improve access to urgent care for the homeless, while also decreasing over-utilization of acute care and EMS. Only with support from a partnership with government, other healthcare & social services providers and the community will H4 be successful in improving the health and well-being of the homeless and under-served population in Hawaii.

Provide Transitional and Permanent Housing

The lack of safe, adequate housing for families in poverty has an everyday impact on the health, safety and opportunities available to our most vulnerable and helpless residents. Currently, Hawai‘i has the highest rate of homelessness per capita in the nation. H-4 will provide a safe and functional environment for those who are in need of services and treatment, and will provide a safe place for homeless patients to stay while they receive the additional care they need in order to prevent hospital readmission and inappropriate healthcare utilization.

Improve and Increase Access to Hygiene Care and Health and Wellness Services

H-4 will provide an extensive array of health and wellness services to include a shower facility, laundry services, drug treatment, mental health services, respite care, and on-site case workers to assist patients in obtaining permanent housing.

Alleviate Financial and Medical strain on Hawaii’s Emergency Departments

Regional emergency departments have experienced a large surge in homeless healthcare utilization, usually for non-urgent medical needs. This has an outsized and negative health economic impact on the state. The launch of H4 will greatly reduce this strain on the healthcare system.

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